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Originally Posted by Rooster Rugburn View Post
So if you live in under an HOA, and a house is abandoned, does the HOA pay for upkeep and repairs needed to make it sell?
Originally Posted by airmotive View Post
Depends on the HOA.
RTFC. (C=contract)
In mine, yes.
They can also put a lien against the property for that work.
As a couple of stated, it depends on the HOA.

I've seen some just care for the grounds appearance, curb appeal, then the bank is responsible for the maintenance/upkeep.

Then I've seen the HOA fine the bank daily for not keeping it up.

then I've seen the HOA keep the exterior, including any painting etc to help keep the curb appeal presentable for resale.

In all these case, if the bank or repossession organization didn't pay up, liens were filed on the property...then they get paid.

Bottom line, check out the HOA rules.

I would have the OP check the HOA process for these circumstances and make sure they followed their own process...if not, demand the $$ cash back!

The other thing I would ask, are you a party to the HOA contract? If not, I would check into them illegally having your vehicle towed. Just a thought.

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