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Originally Posted by muscogee View Post
You didn't answer my question. Do you think our current system that is driving the middle class and working class into bankruptcy is acceptable?
You always whine about the working and middle class.

Well, lets see you do something for them instead of just whine. You are an educated person that should be able to help.

I will offer you an investment opportunity. You will get a 8% ROI as long as the firm is profitable in 5 years. You need to invest $3M. This will provide 5 to 7 good jobs for three years. Maybe even a couple more working class jobs for the same time. There are all kinds of creative ways you can come up with $3M.

When can I expect your investment and wire transfer to arrive? After all, it is help out the working class by creating jobs for the them.
Twice a week? 14 times a month?
2x4=8, not 14.
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