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Originally Posted by vafish View Post
There have been cases of anti gun people loading guns at gun shows and walking away.

There also was an incident here where an anti gun person signed up for a ccw class, and in the classroom gun handling portion where no ammo is allowed loaded a .38 special.

I don't think all the gun show ND's are the fault of gun owners stupidity.

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Unfortunately, unless you have court testimony or a newspaper article to substantiate that claim, the onus remains on the gun dealer. In all the years I've been in gun stores looking at pistols, revolvers, rifles, & shotguns, I've never been handed a gun that didn't have its action opened and inspected by the counter man and I've never seen him take back a gun without verify that it is empty. To do anything else is to violate the first rule of gun safety. " Every gun is loaded until you prove otherwise" My opinion stands;moron status.
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