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Originally Posted by muscogee View Post
Thats naive. If you live long enough you're ability to change will diminish. At some point it will become almost non-existent.

What happens when you have a heart attack, kidney failure, or something else that keeps you from growing your own food? You draw your Social Security and let Medicare and Medicaid pay your health care bills. When your Medicare and Medicaid are used up, the health care industry takes all your liquid assets and nearly everything else you have. In many countries there are laws that prevent that.
I claim to be no Island and there are more than a handful involved . When I die , the CLAN will carry on and I'm no stupid man ! The stupid wait and do nthing ......!
Each and everyone have and know there task , life will continue !
What's your plan..............?
Sainthood , pass that around cause it's a way of life in these parts !

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