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Originally Posted by agrech View Post
Well turns out it's not going to be my problem anymore.

After doing my job for a year (quite well imho) with no official training. After my boss quit, and me doing his job for 3 weeks (again with no training) while a replacement was found (I applied). And after doing my best to train my new boss (I was asked to train my superior for the job I was "not qualified" to do).

I got an awesome .03 raise. Based on my normal 65-80 Hour Weeks.

So... I'm resigning and quitting a company that I've worked for, for almost 10 years. Thank you all for your help. And maybe in the future, I'll have the chance to actually apply some of the things I've learned here.

Thanks again.
Sorry to hear, but Im glad your doing something about it! I was out of work for a little over a year, and the only thing I have noticed that worked for me was talking about work ethic, it took me farther than my resume alone did..."and I would say my resume is quite good"
Good luck and I hope you find a place that values ethics and its people!
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