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Originally Posted by Rooster Rugburn View Post
So if you live in under an HOA, and a house is abandoned, does the HOA pay for upkeep and repairs needed to make it sell?
Usually not. Most HOAs don't have the funds to pay for serious repair - roofs/foundations rehab etc.

However, at my last neighborhood a guy paid cash for a $600K home moved in and began cooking meth within hours. He was there for almost six weeks before we could get him out - he actually fled an hour or two before US Marshals showed up. The HOA paid the lawyer about $5K to come up with a plan. In short order the HOA bought the house, gutted it - as is required after meth cooking, fixed it and resold it.

In Houston a few years ago a friend's HOA bought an entire row of adjoining crapped out /drug infested apartments and tore them down.

ETA - I need to be more precise. Upkeep items are often taken care of by HOAs. Serious repairs often not.
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