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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
My experience serving on the HOA board was different. We NEVER had anyone ask to leave or had a buyer refuse to sign.

What we had was HUGE mess from the previous president who allowed his friends to build things (and him personally) that were in violation of the covenants with a "variance". The one building (garage) we turned down after we tried to clean the mess up, they not only threatened to get a lawyer, but did. Our lawyer told us that "variances" are not allowed in the contract law, especially when they were given by members of the board to themselves. They said that what ever variances are given become the defacto standard. The lawyer advised us to let him build what he wanted and pay his legal fees before it got more expensive for us.

Basically, what I learned is 2-5% of the people in the HOA complain (i think the filter would limit the word I could use) about EVERYTHING. The walk around the neighborhood and write down and photo EVERYTHING. Then come to HOA.

The best thing to do is tell them "thank you, we will take that under advisement" and not discuss it with them. Once you start playing their game, they just keep doing it.

But there is also about 2-5% of the homeowners that you spend 90% of the time dealing with.

My issue was that I opened my mouth about how much money they were spending and the errors in their budgets. They also didnt have proper accounting (money was missing) and I pointed that out. This was at the annual meeting (to approve budgets, elect members, etc). The president who had caused the problems (and couldnt explain where $25k was missing buried in many different sheets that were to accounting standards) told me (in front of everyone) if I thought I could do better, then go for it. To my dismay, they didnt elect him...

Sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut...

In both cases the buyers did eventually sign.

I'd agree that a couple percent of people do 99% of the complaining. We also put nearly all of those complaints in the the circular file.
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