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Originally Posted by FPS View Post
I am certainly trying to eat heart healthy by cutting down fats and large quantities of red meat and cutting out eggs. I am eating a lot more fruits and grains and fish. What else should I be doing? My cholesterol was just tested last week at 135 total.

I ask in all seriousness and am not looking to argue, just learn others' opinions.

You're on the right track with a moderate fat, high fruit and veggie, whole grain plan. I'm trying to manage the carb intake as well; for example, I now have a big salad, small pasta portion instead of the opposite serving sizes. I've also eliminated (at least for a while) the red wine I've enjoyed almost every evening; this isn't a must, but I'm trying to kick-start the weight loss (and prove to my wife I can do without it).

Add exercise thats consistent with your physical condition. I'm riding a bike each day 30-60 minutes with emphasis on a sensible aerobic pace.

My experience is that weight loss will improve the cholesterol score...lower LDL...higher HDL. Your diet plan and some exercise WILL result in weight loss.

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