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I finally got out Saturday and shot the new G21 Gen 4. The first 50 rounds (WWB) was great. No problems. Ejection was all to the right, not strong, only about 2 feet, but consistent. In the next box of 50 WWB I had two staight back in the face. Two ejected to the left. I shot 20 Winchester PDX1 after that with no problem, and some Remington Golden Sabers with no problem. Finished up with some Federal Champion with no problems. Shot about 300 rounds, with only two to the face and and maybe 3 or 4 to the left. All in all not bad. Fun to shoot.

I just hope it doesnt get worse over time. As it is now, I can live with it. The two to the face were soft, kind of dribbled out and bounced off my forehead.
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