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Originally Posted by costanza187 View Post
I have a chance to add more details to mine to keep this discussion going.

In our house (I was a child, but some things you do not forget) I remember seeing a small black man with a great big hand. I would estimate his body size to be that of maybe an old school GI Joe but one of his hands was the size of a baseball glove. He had no facial features he was completely black. (strange thing is I was talking to somebody else 20+ years after the fact and she said she had seen something similar in her house 250 miles away). I only saw this creepy little guy once, but he made an impression on me. I am the only one in the house who saw this thing. I was so freaked out by this thing that I left the room, and I swear I heard the footsteps behind me as I ran to my parents room.

[Enter my parents as witnesses to the story] I ran into my parents bedroom and told them there was something in my room and the told me to go back to bed. They heard me walk back down the hall and close my door. My dad said something to my mom about what was going on. That's when I replied, I don't want to go back to my room. They were like WTH we heard somebody walk back down the hall and go back into your room!?

Foot steps and noises like that were common occurrences in the house. Sometimes people heard weird howling noises. Sometimes the noises were very loud. There were crashing sounds, sounds of glass shattering. We had a big chandelier in the living room, and we heard it crash to the ground (or so we thought) it was a loud awful noise and you could hear everything breaking. My dad went in to investigate... NOTHING had happened. That kind of stuff happened a lot.

There were vast temperature changes in the house, and they seemed to be related to the odd happenings. Usually around the time some of this weird "stuff" was happening the temperature would drop sharply. These happenings were often accompanied by a strong smell of lilac... who knows what that was all about.

There were weird power issues in the house. Lights would turn on by themselves, stereo would come on by itself. The lights turning off and on by themselves was a very common thing. We were gone on vacation and our neighbor later asked about the "timers" on our lights. My parents were like we don't have those. Our neighbor didn't believe them because he had been seeing the lights turn on and off regularly in our house while we were gone.

The thing that ran the guests off was the physical encounters. People have been shoved and choked in the house. For example, my mom was standing on the stairs, and said the felt two hands give her a push down the stairs while home alone. There was NOBODY in the house to do this to her. In another incident my grandfather, was attacked by something one night. He said he was sleeping and felt actual hands around his neck. He fought it off, but could not see anything. This kept happening over and over.

One could say we are a bunch of crazy people. Who knows, that may be true. However, none of us involved had ever had an experience such as this before living or visiting this house. None of the us have had any such experiences outside of this house. All of these odd happenings are tied to this ONE location.

Whether or not there was some sort of ghost/entity/spirit/poltergeist, I cannot say. I know there was something going on. Maybe science could explain it, but it leads me to believe that there was something paranormal actually happening. If science can explain it, I would be really happy to hear what they have to say. (I have heard that high CO levels in a house can cause hallucinations) I tend to doubt that explanations, the lights and stuff were witnessed by people OUTSiDE the house.

Funny you mentioned flowers, it brought back memories of a weird experience that I had.

It was 1 or 2 in the morning and I was headed to my girlfriends house to spend the night. I was traveling on a road that had very few houses and no street lights. As I came around a curve in the road I saw a tall dark shadow (like 6'+) standing on the shoulder of the road. I blinked and it was gone. I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, but just as I was shrugging it off the most intense smell of a local flower (Pikake) suddenly came into the air. It was so strong it was almost sickening, even if my car was filled floor to roof with flowers I don't think it could have given off the aroma that I was smelling. The smell stayed strong for about a 1/4 mile then totally disappeared. It wasn't scary but just plain weird.
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