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Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
Of course. The caliber choices for me depend on the purpose I need it for and I do wonder why so many people --- after having chosen a perfectly adequate caliber --- give in to some anxiety over whether or not they picked the "right" one.

I'm not a hunter but if I was I would need a pistol of a different caliber from the two primary handgun calibers I own. That is, if I was ever inclined to hunt with a handgun.
You are right.

I figure I have the perfect cartridges FOR ME to choose in my Glocks, 357 sig and .40 s&w. They both have worked well for SD with proper loads. I can go with the 125gr 357 sig for most things since I shoot it a little better than the .40. There are a few circumstances where I think a .40 is the better choice FOR ME. I switch out the barrel and load up .40S&W.

I just don't think all of the service cartridges are the same. And I'm not necessarily talking about their ability to stop. One may penetrate barriers better than another. One may have less recoil than another. One may have a platform that is preferred. One may be better from short barrels. Etc.
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