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Finished product

Hey all,

I've made a few threads about this pistol in the past, but it's finally ready to roll. My year-long quest to own a reliable 1911 has finally ended successfully, but not without much tribulation.

This pistol had some cycling issues out of the box that were remedied, after a trip back to Illinois, then lot of experimentation, extractor adjustment, new parts, fitting and filing and now it runs like a champ. Even with the Wilson/Rogers 47 mags (I posted about a month ago concerning reliability with these).

I fitted and installed the Ed Brown Maxi-Well mainsping housing; it's a very nice piece and looks and functions perfectly with this SA Loaded. The VZs are Operators II in Black Desert Sand with the non-beveled mag-well fit--I had seen them in pictures, but they REALLY compliment the coloring of this stainless pistol, especially given that it has polished flats and a brushed undercarriage and top of the slide. The grip they provide is sure, but not so aggressive that it's ripping your skin off. Everyone gets the Ops 2s, and initially I wanted to be a bit different but I'm very glad I went with these.
Here she is right after I finished with all the new parts filed, fitted and installed:

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I'd been out of town and working so much that for about 6 weeks I hadn't had ANY time to hit the range ; those of you that know me know I typically shoot MUCH more often than this. Today I was able to put 200~ flawless rounds through her, using an assortment of magazines and factory fresh 230gr beans.
Here's a pic of the post range dirty muzzle, I always love that look, and a recovered 230gr. FMJ ball bullet (one of two, actually)--I was surprised to see that it had expanded to over an inch. Note how the pedals split along the edges of the grooves from the rifling, I thought this was interesting:

1911 Forums

I want to go ahead and get a few new parts to (play with) replace the MIM ones that came with this pistol, let me know if you have recommendations you think would compliment this project for a stainless:
-Hammer strut
-Firing pin stop
-Beavertail grip safety (leaning strongly towards Ed Brown)
-Slide stop
-Thumb safety

Want to get them all in solid steel/machined from bar-stoc.
Thanks all, hope you've been well during my absence.

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