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I experienced a similar thing. I woke up at 2am with the realization that my grandmother had died. I did not see her but I knew that she had passed. When I walked into the kitchen the next morning, my parents were at the table grieving. I aske them what time she died, it was exactly when I woke up and 'knew'.
I've been an RN for almost 20 yrs, and worked some home health and hospice during this time. There are things that happen that are unexplainable.
Ok this is actually very similar to what happened to me. Again, I don't know if I believe in ghosts or anything but this happened to me just a few years back and is completely true. You may just say it is coincidence.

I had a dream that I was going to the bathroom down the hall in my great grandmother's nursing home (she was around 102 years old I believe). I walked out of the bathroom down the hall and into her room. My family was in her room looking sad and said she is "gone." I woke up the next day, bewildered by the dream's randomness and specificity. It is hard to explain. I carried on and went over to a friend's house.

I got a call from my mom. Gran was unconscious and was not responding. We got in the car and drove to my mom's home town. She was laying in bed and taking weird, labored breaths and appeared as if she was sleeping...except she couldn't be woken. The nurses said they see this sometimes...Nobody knew what to do. We all sat around her and prayed and cried. As we stood up and discussed what we should do next if there was anything we COULD do, I decided to excuse myself to the bathroom because we had just gotten out of a car after a somewhat long trip. She had been breathing like this for a good while and I thought surely she would not go while I stepped out for a minute. I went down the hall and didn't even think about the dream the night before.

I got back to the room and everyone was standing in the exact same place they were in my longer discussing what they were when I had left the room.

She had died moments before.
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