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Originally Posted by gjk5 View Post
You are wrong and he is right. Keep bloviating all you want, it will not change that fact. You know exactly jack squat about what drives property values.
Bad schools, bad roads, high crime, high taxes, bad government, highway cutting through your front yard, too much retail, not enough retail, too much commercial development, a landfill, junkyard, overall dilapidated appearance of the neighborhood, and numerous foreclosures..... all DO harm property values.

Weeds in the neighbors yard, grass not cut weekly, grass not watered, a lack of parking stickers, cars backed in, colored Christmas lights, mailbox colors, backyard tomato plants, garage doors open, DO NOT harm property values.

It's not that some things don't harm property values. The question is, what really DOES. And most of the things the high brow wannabees and pricks think do, actually do not.

The whole direction of this thread is due to some of the above claiming the OP not having a parking sticker harms their property value, and his incompetent HOA is the defender of the property values. It's just stupid.

Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
I would take a book learner over the assumption making that runs rampid on this forum.

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