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Originally Posted by ray9898 View Post
Hell...common sense and personal experience should tell people this. I know when I was looking at homes a few years ago I passed up a lower priced home that was nicer than the one we purchased because of the neighborhood. The neighbor on one side appeared to be running a car resoration business out of his driveway and the other side was a rental with at least 2 families in it. I loved the house but passed because of the neighbors.
I'm 22 and know jack squat about realty, and even I know that the way your neighborhood looks, and how nice/crappy your neighbor's houses are, will affect your property value.

If you buy a nice looking house, in a nice looking neighborhood for $300k, and then the neighborhood goes to ****, your house isn't going to be worth $300k anymore, no matter how much money you put into it to try and make it look nice. If the neighborhood goes to ****, your home's value will also go to ****.
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