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I never believed in ghost story's until I had my own experience.

It was at my Grandmothers farm house near Fairplay, Missouri (for the Missouri GTers)

Summer before my experience (1958 or 59), my mother was visiting and sleeping upstairs,,something woke her up and she looked out in the room and could see the figure of a man of short stature in coveralls. It freaked her out and she grabbed her bedding and ran down stairs and spent the rest of the night on the couch. She told her story to my Grandma in the morning and Grandma replied to her that she was goofy.

Year later during the summer I was in the same room sleeping and something woke me up suddenly !! I can not explain the sense of presence around me,,, it was the most overwhelming feeling I have ever had. But there was no doubt to me that something was looking at me,,,I layed in bed just frozen afraid to move. I did not know what to do really,,,during that time I could hear some litle faint noises like something being moved around,,,things that go bump in the night kind of noise. I don't know how long I just layed there but I finally decided to just make a sudden run for the stairs. I got up the courage and bolted out of bed and ran for my life and made it down stairs. I woke my mom up and told her that something was up there.

30 years later I was at a family renuion and I brought up the farm house and the ghost I experienced. By that time my mother was passed and grandmother was passed as well. My cousins all saw the ghost and they told me that my Grandmother saw it twice,,their sightings were after my experience. I was the only one that did not see the ghost but felt its presence. It was a feeling I can never explain in common description and I feeling I will never forget.

I want to go back to that house and talk to the owners and see if they have ever seen what we saw.
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