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Originally Posted by Sporaticus View Post
The third time I had my home appraised, it was $50 million lower than the previous appraisal. When I asked the appraiser why, he pointed to a dandelion in the neighbors yard, and said as long as my neighbor had that in his yard, my home would never be worth more than $400 million. Then he pointed to a flag on the other neighbors mailbox: it was half way up, and said that cost me another $30 million in value. I quickly ran over and put the flag down, and he adjusted the value up, but he wouldn't let me pick that dandelion. Imagine that. I realized then that some things were just beyond my control.

I'm a little different than people like you. I chose an area based on the 3 most important factors: location, location, location. I know all those petty little piss ant things don't have the first thing to do with property value.

I know some idiots who think colored Christmas lights in the neighborhood hurt their property value, and protest loudly when their neighbors use them.

"Protect my property value" is a phrase coined for busy bodies, snitches, $%tches, putzes, and wannabees. It's kind of a status symbol for the lame. For the "low brow" seeking "high brow" status.

Or people who have been in the real estate sales/financing industry for two decades.

You are wrong and he is right. Keep bloviating all you want, it will not change that fact. You know exactly jack squat about what drives property values.
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