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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
OP, were you wanting to add a longer rail or just concerend about the FSP getting in the way?
My question too.

OP, if you aren't wanting to add an extended handguard, don't worry about the sight up front just leave it alone.

When running that PRO, you'll be sighting with both eyes open. Right eye sees the dot, wrong eye sees the target, your brain puts the two together. Put dot on the target, pull trigger. You'll never even notice the front sight. This is also why these optics can still be used, even with the front cover closed.

Because the "co-witness" on my CompM2 is in the lower 1/3rd, I don't even use a flip-up on the rear sight on my Beater AR. Iron A2 front sight, Daniel Defense fixed rear sight.

When shooting in very bright sunlight, I leave the front cover on, makes the dot easy to see, even on low-power settings.

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