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at 1 point "scientists" jumped up and down swearing that the earth was flat. just because you can't prove something right now dosen't mean it won't ever be proven.

i loathe scientific zealots just as much as i hate religious zealots. everybody needs to knock off the "THIS IS THE WAY IT IS AND THAT'S THE END OF IT!" attitudes.

as human beings we are nothing more than cells that makes up the flea that rides the dog that's living in just 1 yard, so on and so forth.
Thought you and gt might like this

Was watching a loch ness special on the internet somewhere. Not saying I really believe in loch ness or anything...but..

The special interviewed a scientist that has worked loch ness for the majority of his professional carrer. He was not a crazy and seemed to be very normal. He shot down every piece of evidence and reason that something big lived in the loch. He verbally admitted that he firmly believed that nothing was in the lake. This was interesting...since his camera with a zoom lens never left his side. The interviewers asked why he had a camera. He has carried the camera every day for years "just in case." hahaha. I need to find that special again.
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