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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
Like I said, political correctness for GIs. Back in my days we shoot first and ask questions later. We don't clear rooms with shortened carbines either. That's why God invented frags and M203.
So does everything have to be about combat? I thought war and civilian were totally sseparateof each other? Do you think that maybe there's a reason those tactics are mostly obsolete?

Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
That they do, but once again, you must be one of those badass commandos who recognize all his relatives' silhouettes & movements even in the deep of night, freshly arised from a sleep. For the rest of us, we'd prefer flashlights or ambient light.
I'm starting to think so. It's strange because it seemed like a fairly easy thing to do for everyone. I guess it's a weak point for you. I'm sure there are other things you do well.

Recognizing family & friends in low light and the use of flashlights are two different subjects. I have a flashlight on or next to any firearm I keep by the bed.
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