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Originally Posted by Averageman View Post
My Grandfather told me that folks who lived in rural America in the MidWest were uneffected by and large by the Depression.
They lived season to season on farms and made most of their own stuff, They bartered for their stuff they couldn't make and worked in factories when the work was there.
Then what really got me was.
"We don't have Farms, we dont have Factories, we barely have Families, I don't think you could have something like that again, because we don't live like that anymore; so how are people going to eat?"
I think we just might find out how that will work for us.
What? Farms in the Midwest were horribly hurt by the depression, and then the dustbowl. Farmers who financed operations by using their farms as security lost them. Wheat prices collapsed below the cost of production.

You know the saying "California or Bust" by the Okies (and not just from Oklahoma) who had to leave their homes.

That was a bad time for agriculture.
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