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I know of an officer who was assigned to a medical escort detail at a large university hospital to remain nameless. This officer, along with two others, were to provide security for an inmate who was admitted. Per policy two of the officers were armed, the third was not because his job was to handle the inmate and all of the restraints, therefor keeping guns far out of reach of the inmate at all times. One of the armed officers went to the restroom there in the private hospital room, took his duty belt (w/gun, magazines/ etc. ) off and did his business. The officer then left the restroom and went to have a seat in the hospital room with the inmate and other officers. A short time later a nurse came in to the room, checked the inmate, and took the urinal into the bathroom to dump it out. She came back out of the bathroom holding up a duty belt (w/gun, magazines, etc.) in her hand and asked "Does this belong to any of you?!" The inmate laughes histarically, and the officer who left it there has to ask the nurse if he may have his gun back. This is a true story, and a perfect example of WHAT NOT TO DO with your gun when you use a restroom.
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