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Originally Posted by Clutch Cargo View Post
That only holds true for women. I come from a family where my mother was physically abused. At age 9, I made a vow to never hit a woman unless my life was in danger. I've got scars from a number of violent women whom I did my best to control without striking them. I took up Judo to increase my ability defend myself without resorting to striking someone.
I have no issue puting a man's lights out in ANY defensive situation.
I only mean this as purely constructive... You may want reevaluate your beliefs and tactics. If your failure to properly engage a violent subject resulted in an escalation of force, or injury to someone else, and you worked for me, I'd have your job over it.

This job is hard enough without you dragging you personal baggage into it. It is causing you to lack an impartial attitude, which is key to police work. The people you work with, and citizens you swore to protect deserve better.
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