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Originally Posted by jbglock View Post
Exactly. I've always thought that night sights were the solution to a problem that didn't exist. For those that would advocate just shooting at a threatening looking shadow in a darkened house, I hope you can live with yourself if you kill someone that you didn't need to kill possibly. Don't bet your life on the sympathy of law enforcement though.
This. People claiming they need to see the front sight in a semi-lighted room to hit a target 15 feet away is pretty comical. It's also funny that they think the bad guy won't know where they are in a semi-lit room when they are only 15 feet away.

Using sights at all in a cqb situation is just silly. And yes, I have cleared many houses, and secured many criminals in same. You need light to see the subject in order to identify him and locate him. If you have that much light, a birthday candle will do, you can silhouette the gun on the subject.

Have a white light. My house is lit at night anyway. WTF has a pitch black house? Even if the power were out, I always, yes always have a light with me.

As for SG's and cqb, having knocked over more than ly share of lamps and pictures off the wall, I know how awkward they are in a house. Nothing is as handy inside a residence as a handgun.

When you are taking the slack out of a trigger and your target is 15 feet away, the last thing you will be looking at is your front sight. If your weapon is 30 inches long, you'll wish you had a pistol.
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