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Originally Posted by uz2bUSMC View Post
Well man, I hope you know that the 240grain .44 has a SD of .185 and the 230grain 10mm is at .205SD and looks to be a fine tool for the job for anyone. The 200grain 10mm is at .179SD which is more comparable to the 240grn .44 and should be more than fine for a deer, especially at 800+ ft lbs from a 6" bbl. The difference between .400 and .429 is pretty nil if we are talking hardcast. The penetration of either is more than enough for a deer.
Whew just so the sectional density is close. They must be equal then.

You mean like the thread where people wanted to go deer hunting with a 9mm. People were adamantly advocating that silliness.
Well a 147gr FMJ will penetrate through a deer and the diameter is only slightly smaller at .355" vs .401" so it must be ok.

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