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Originally Posted by Averageman View Post
Yeah, I sure do; I'm watching Obama care double my Tri-Care Prime costs.
I can almost assure you that before I do retire at 70 someone will come up with the bright idea of taking my retirement to fund more social programs so Shanequia can have three kids out of wedlock, get public housing, Obama Care, Food Stamps, an Obama phone and W.I.C.
The irony in all of this is one of the reasons I retired from the Military was that I didn't trust that S.S. would be there for me when it was my time.
I'm just trying to get a kid through college and live a middle class lifestyle after years of this crap.
I would stuff more money in to my 401K, but they will come after that next.
I hear ya and don't wish you any misfortune. But we've crossed the point where the math doesn't work any longer. No sacred cows or they all get slaughtered.

If you and I were kings deciding things I estimate our priority list would look very similar, believe it or not.
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