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I have both...a home on acreage with no HOAs and a condo that does have an HOA.

The HOA at the condo provides mostly for exterior repairs, paint, and snow removal (the biggie). It's bloody expensive (goes with the location) but I figure it's worth it, given the design of the parking lot and the necessity for DAILY snow removal during the high points of winter.

The house...I'm at the end of the road and nobody bugs us. And yeah, I can shoot my guns (or crank my stereo) whenever I feel like it. I also have to drive an hour minimum to buy ANYTHING in town (half hour there and back). The twice monthly grocery trip takes four hours, minimum.

*shrugs*. Tradeoffs. Read the HOAS, abide by the rules, and if you don't like the rules, don't buy the property.
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