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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
Wat you dont get is it is NOT $40 a year. It is an EXTRA $40 here, an EXTRA $100 there, on on on.

I will would make you this deal.

We go to a flat tax. everyone pays the same amount and then everyone has to send an extra $40 to their FD. I would go for that.

It is not any individual tax that is an is all of them combined. $40 in the taxes I pay is noise. I couldn't tell you +/- $40 in my tax bill.

I can blow $40 and not care. $40 to me is not going out to dinner one time a week. I would have to cut back to 2 or 3 times a week.

But honestly to some people $40 is a lot of money at the moment.

What people get upset about the SENSE of entitlement that public employees expect. You are showing why people resent it. You assume that they should just pay "$40 bucks a year". If people were so heavily taxed, they might not mind the $40 a year. But it the sense of "the public can pay more" that upsets us.
Awesome, you agree with my fire protection districts benefit fee. We are not a city, we do not get sales tax. We charge 40 dollars a year benefit fee to households in our district. 4 stations, 4 paramedic engine companies, 2 paramedic ambulances, 2 brush fire engines, a heavy rescue and an on duty batt chief. You call we show up. We have about 80,000 residents in our district and we turn out about 11,000 unit responses a year. We love it and are proud to serve.

I reside in an area that is a district not a city. My benefit fee is about 50 bucks a year. I gladly pay it. 3 blocks from my house where my wife and baby are I have a medic engine with 4 guys on it and paramedic ambulance with 2 medics on it. Money well spent.
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