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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
You were trying to make a point but you just stumbled upon a big part of the problem.

All the ponzi schemes that the govt runs (i.e. Social security) require an ever expanding amount of new people coming into the system to support the old investors. Even Bernie Madoff had good gains and it "worked" as long as he could keep "new investors" coming in.

So, why don't YOU tell US what we should do with the programs with an ever shrinking population contributing to taxes?
I'm talking about the Military.
How do you keep a Military if you don't want to pay them a living wage?
How do you keep new people comming in to replace those leaving when you screw those leaving out of promised benefits?
How do you pull from the ever shrinking qualified population when you do the above two?
The Ponzi Scheme to me would be that yu promise a reward for my labor and then pull the rug out when the job is completed and the reward is due.
As a believer in the free market you have to compete for labor, this equals money and/or benefits.
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