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Our neighborhood is on a dead end street with 26 homes. It's a quiet place where everyone knows everyone else and we look out for each other. We had deed restrictions but with no HOA to enforce them, they were worthless.

A man bought two lots and made it clear that he was going to put a Diesel truck repair shop right in the middle of our little community. He heard our complaints and told us to F off. We found the property that he owned in a nearby town and took pictures of it. It was a junkyard and rat hole! We spread those around and the HOA vote was a slam dunk!

All 26 homeowners voted to form the HOA to enforce the deed restrictions already in place. In fact, some of the restrictions were very tough and we loosened them up. The Diesel Repair shop is no more. and our HOA policy says that if you have a beef with your neighbor.....go talk to him as the HOA is not the neighborhood complaint department or community police department. The HOA is there to protect our property values and quiet lifestyle.

Our dues are $8 per month and we stash the funds in an account in case Mr Diesel wants to make another run at his plan.

HOA's aren't always bad. They are as good as the people who set up and run them! In our case, the HOA saved our community property values and lifestyle from the actions of a total jerk!

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