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Originally Posted by dkf View Post
And a .223 or .22lr can "handle" medium game "in a pinch" if you hit it right that does not mean it is ideal, optimal or humane. You yourself think 10mm out of a Glock is "ideal" for taking medium game. It is not. The 10mm fanboys just don't get it, I do not even know why I bother.
Was wondering that myself!

If you watch that clip, of Keith Warren, taking that elk, is in fact, using a G21, and in .45ACP, one would have to conclude, the 10MM would be a terrible choice! That elk was dead before the body hit the ground! Not saying that a 45, or 10, are the ideal caliber, for hunting elk, but, if a 44 mag is, could the elk have fallen dead any quicker?
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