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Originally Posted by avenues165 View Post
I was specifically thinking about range time with standard pressure rounds, but it is a good point. Although, I still wonder if the +p and +p+ stuff causes as much wear as a 357 sig. I am afraid it is beyond my limited knowledge base.

After spending some time shooting GDs out of the G23 and G24 at "reactive" targets (water bottles, wet cardboard, clay mud, fruits, etc), I think that they are plenty for SD*. They are also street-proven. I am eagerly looking forward to TNOutdoors9 upcoming test of the new Underwood 357 sig GD load.

*I know this isn't flesh. However, I don't have any people to practice on and I won't hunt anymore. If I did I wouldn't use a 357 sig. Hunt all you want, it is just no longer my thing.
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