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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
What is contours?

I've thought about that fixed front sight in front of a scope thing. No answer but did think about it.

I'm not much into buliding things, except with wood. I like a unit all put together with few spare parts to keep track of. So, I'll probably look for some company'scsetup that is off the shelf close to what I want. Just saying how I am.

What do you think of this Armalite? Seems it should be a light trigger. How does the two-stage work? Do you feel it as two movements, or just as one lighter movement? I'll have to look that up. 20" stainless barrel. Removable handle. 1/8" twist. Says it is available in AWB format, which I think means to be legal under the assualt weapon bs that sunset for you guys but NYS still has.


I don't see an 18".

As I think about this I'm leaning toward something that could either be used in CMP ( even though I've never shot that), or be iron sighted for fun from the bench, or be scoped and benched, or be a field plinker and varmit gun.
If you don't want to build it yourself, then I would highly suggest looking at Bravo Company's offerings in 18 and 20 inch varieties. They offer both stainless and chrome lined bores, and multiple options for handguards or rail systems. I don't remember offhand what they offer for ban states offhand, but if you call or email them, I am sure they will get back to you with an answer.

For triggers, look at Geissele. $180 and up, but probably the best AR-15 and AR-10 triggers in the world now.
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