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Originally Posted by RimfireMan View Post
Police officers and fire fighters risk death on their jobs. Do they get something like the GI Bill?
We used to get a retirement plan with good on the job benefits. Now the right wing nuts are going after that too. Its funny I know a guy who stocked vending machines and did supply orders on Marine bases for 20 years. He retired at 38. People make pee pee in their diapers for 30 year Police officers and Fireman/Paramedics retiring at 55, a bunch of those guys worked in absolute hell holes in So Cal. People are funny.

Edit- Oh don't forget that people don't have any problem with all the millions 23 year old tweekers on welfare that are drinking a cold one at 11am on Tuesday. Its the public employees that are the root of all evil, they are the ones on the "gravy train".
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