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I am generally against entitlements.

I think the GI Bill is essentially delayed compensation. We can talk about if military compensation is too high/too low etc, but they did the soldiers worked to get that. In the private business world this would be like getting stock options. You get something later that you believe will be of value in instead of more compensation now.

That said, the entitlement that I am for, is education. I believe that each student should be trained to be able to do a job. Our current education system is broken. Students should not be coming out of high school unemployable. Western European countries manage to educated all their children and without huge debt. Starting life off in the whole is wrong.

I would even be willing to go as far as others and say that each person in the USA should have to spend 1 year in the military/civil service in exchange for getting free university/trade school.

Really, an educated population is good for us as a society. It is the same a good economy is better than higher tax rate to increase tax revenues. If the water level rises, all boats rise up.

Education (not the broken system in the USA we currently have) is an investment in the future of the country that will ensure that the tide gets higher.
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