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Originally Posted by LAWDOGKMS View Post
I live in one..

A gated-community of less than 40 homes set in a cedar forest...atv trails to to the river below the ridgeline...really great place..

Te HOA is not overbearing, the cost is $400/yr which pays to mow lots that haven't been built on, common areas, fix the security cameras (which recognize digits, even infrared in the dark, read and log plates)' fix gates and fix roads if need be..

The HOA is very reasonable, with no ridiculous rules or sanctions, loke no restrictions about what you plant, if your garage is open or not etc...and everyone has an acre or more

Every resident gets a spreadsheet with address, phone number and email addresses of every other resident. I LOVE THIS and it makes for a neighborhood with no strangers.

The rules that would affect most people (the ones that affect me are):

-3000 sf minimum for single story, 3500 double story minimum, brick or rock construction only

-no rv's or boats parked in the driveway or on the curb for more than 1 week at a time (if you needed longer, an exception would be made)

-external structures (shed etc..) must be built or look like your house ( at a minimum, a brick fascia on the front of the shed

- no fences in front yards, back fences can only be of black (see thru) wrought iron

-no burning of yard refuse ( but you can have a firepot, so most of us just burn incrementally in our firepits and call it a campfire)

-pets must be fenced in the back or confined with underground electric fence

-each resident has an individual code to the gate and it must NEVER be given out. Guest can call from the gate with a keypad, and homeowners can open the gate with a code on their phone

Even LE doesn't have a code, but has to run a particular tone of siren for a full 3 seconds at the gate and the system will open the gate.

Other than the (no burning of yard refuse), I really like that the home sizes/prices, the secure gate etc...keeps the riff raff out and the neighborhood is awesome..

HOA's do serve a useful purpose and as long as they're not overbearing, I think they're a good idea.

My last house was an equivalent house off a county road, and weekly I had to clean up cups, cans, bottles outside my property lime along the road. Soooo....glad I don't have to deal with that anymore. Everyone in this neighborhood takes care of and cares about the neighborhood.
Man, I envy you, that sounds like a great neighborhood. I'm so damn tired of people throwing **** into my lawn. The other day while mowing the backyard I found a juice bottle the neighbors had thrown over their fence into our yard, because they're too lazy to take it inside their house and toss it in the recycle bin. That kind of thing really pisses me off, and is exactly why I wouldn't mind living in an HOA where I could register a complaint about it.
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