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Originally Posted by WoodenPlank View Post
Unless it will only be shot from a bipod or rest on a bench, I would skip the bull barrel. A medium to heavy profile (better, heavy and fluted) barrel will be more than enough without adding a crazy amount of weight to the front of the gun.

If you plan to add an optic, skip the fixed front. While anything higher magnficiation than 3-4 will cause the front sight to blur out or disappear, I still don't like having a fixed sight in front of an optic.

Several companies offer good stainless barrels, and a few even offer chrome lined barrels that can rival many stainless barrels for accuracy. It all depends on budget. If cost isn't an issue(but you want to squeeze out as much accuracy as you can), I'd go with a Krieger stainless 18" in 1/7.7. For contours, I would give them a call and tell them what you are trying to do, and they can give you a solid suggestion.
What is contours?

I've thought about that fixed front sight in front of a scope thing. No answer but did think about it.

I'm not much into buliding things, except with wood. I like a unit all put together with few spare parts to keep track of. So, I'll probably look for some company'scsetup that is off the shelf close to what I want. Just saying how I am.

What do you think of this Armalite? Seems it should be a light trigger. How does the two-stage work? Do you feel it as two movements, or just as one lighter movement? I'll have to look that up. 20" stainless barrel. Removable handle. 1/8" twist. Says it is available in AWB format, which I think means to be legal under the assualt weapon bs that sunset for you guys but NYS still has.


I don't see an 18".

As I think about this I'm leaning toward something that could either be used in CMP ( even though I've never shot that), or be iron sighted for fun from the bench, or be scoped and benched, or be a field plinker and varmit gun.
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