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Originally Posted by J.Kill View Post
I am renting a townhouse that has a HOA... I know... Stupid me! Anyway, when we moved in we registered our plates for parking. I used to take home a work car when I was on call(would leave my POV at work) but stopped due to little yellow pieces of paper under the windshield that said the vehicle would be towed since it didn't have the 1"x1" parking sticker.

Two weeks ago the wife and I bought a new car and I transferred the tags... The same tags that are registered... This morning I go outside and my brand new car is gone. After I called the PD to report it stolen they said they were notified it was towed. I contacted a rep with the HOA and he told me it was towed because it didn't have that little parking sticker and even though the plate was registered it didn't matter since it didn't have the sticker. I asked what ever happened to leaving the "warnings" on the car so I could have gotten a new sticker since I JUST bought it...and my old car was here 3 months before they finally sent the stickers without a problem. He told me they don't leave the yellow papers anymore since people don't listen to them anyway so now they just tow cars without warning. $175 later I have my car back... I know I'll lose but it's going to be an all out *****fest on Monday when we call the main office.

I can't wait until April and I can move the hell out of here!!
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