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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
Well, it's called collateral damage. So, sad, too bad. Of course my training and conditioning were twenty years in the past. We didn't really care much about political correctness.
Nice try but you're as wrong as a guy w/ 40K pointless/incorrect/misleading posts. Target indentification is extremely important, military and civilian, contrary to your earlier statement.

Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
How many civilians spending times in total darkness with their relatives days on end so that they can learn each others' silhouettes?

What is it about you youngsters that you can't separate military service from civilian life?
You're wrong Col. Sanders. Darkness is not required to silhouette ones self. People have their own quirks, posture, stride, and body make-up. Think first, type later (or preferably not at all).
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