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Originally Posted by dkf View Post
And a .223 or .22lr can "handle" medium game "in a pinch" if you hit it right that does not mean it is ideal, optimal or humane. You yourself think 10mm out of a Glock is "ideal" for taking medium game. It is not. The 10mm fanboys just don't get it, I do not even know why I bother.
So I guess it takes a .30-06 to take a white tail?

I know that the 10mm is more than fine for medium game. This is based on all the people who have been reliably and humanly taking medium game with the 10mm for many years. From white tails, hogs and complete pass throughs on 500lb blackbears the 10mm has it in spades. What more do you need? Choose the right bullet, place your shot right and know your limits to place the shot well that's all you need. There is no part of the animals that I listed that the 10mm has to even work hard to take reliably.

You should know that bullet construction is one of the biggest considerations and the .223 or .22lr (well the .22lr is all wrong) are certainly limited in that regard, not the 10mm.
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