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Originally Posted by Drew Furst View Post
I have been trying to get a couple of those scopes for the last 3 months! NOBODY has them! They look like the perfect unit for a lightweight carbine. 3 power is plenty for targets out to 300 yds. (with my eyes). 32 mm should gather plenty of light for any more-or-less daylight application.

So you are happy with yours? Did you find that the reticle was dialed in for the bullet drop?
I am very happy. The scope is wonderful- got it from but had to wait a month due to backorder. That was about 7 months ago.

The BDC I am still getting used to, truthfully. I find with the 62 gr ammo I shoot, the BDC is accurate. I have only shot out to just shy of 200 yards, though.

Still, the best bang for the buck and a killer optic for the 75 to 200 yard shots.
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