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Originally Posted by frizz View Post
Why do you hate people in the military?
You made a pretty big leap from assuming that having an unsustainable Post 9/11 GI Bill (Which I'm currently using) coincides with hating people in the military.

Do you think its right that I've been out of the military for almost 18 months and I have lived entirely off of my GI Bill payments? (Bear in mind that I drive a Mercedes, own a Jetski, and have bought a scooter and 2 motorcycles)

Most people do not know the new GI bill, so they say "Well, you're obviously cheating the system/not going to school/not taking a full load"

No, thats not true. I have taken between 13-15 credit hours every semester including the entire summer. The new GI Bill pays your tuition separately from your housing allowance.

Its absolutely ridiculous. Am I complaining for ME? No. But as a fiscal conservative its absolutely ridiculous. Why is it ok to give someone $100,000+ in education benefits for 4 years of military service but not okay to give an injured person healthcare/disability money/foodstamps, etc? (Not implying you've said that, just making a statement on how there is a general hypocrisy among conservatives that military spending is ok - social spending is not. NONE of it is ok)
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