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Originally Posted by RonS View Post
Giving someone a phone because they are poor is an entitlement, it happens because "Well, duh, everyone deserves a phone." If the phone recipent had to do 8320 hours of work to get the phone, it would not be an entitlement, it would be compensation.

The GI bill is an inducement offered by the government to get people to enlist in the military, no different than the pay, leave time, access to the PX/BX or military retirement. Calling it an entitlement is incorrect. You may consider it excessive compensation, like paying a CEO or University President xx million dollars a year, but it is the same concept, the government offered it as part of a contract for services from the service member and the service member has a legal and moral claim to the agreed upon compensation.

The basis of entitlement is the idea of "I am, therefore I deserve."
Well, you are wrong.

Here is the definition of entitlement program from PROGRAM

A federal program that guarantees a certain level of benefits to persons or other entities who meet requirements set by law, such as Social Security, farm price supports or unemployment benefits. It thus leaves no discretion with Congress on how much money to appropriate, and some entitlements carry permanent appropriations.

Feel free to search for definitions.

You see, the real problem is that you have been brainwashed to hear "entitlement program" and say that they are bad.

Are all entitlement programs bad? Of course not. Do they all have some problems? Of course.

Open your mind and think for yourself, don't listen to what politicians and political pundits tell you to think.

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