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Originally Posted by dkf View Post
You can kill a deer with a .22lr or an elk with a .223. It does not mean either are ideal for the job. What these videos of the magical 10mm, .45 and etc do is make people who do not know any better think the 10mm or any service caliber is ideal for hunting medium to large game. They are not.
Well, if you think that the 10mm is not ideal for medium game then most likely your views on caliber to game relationship is skewed. Large game is debatable.

Also, as far as the people that don't know any better and get the wrong message from any video, that's thier problem. It's not my job to shelter anybody from anything. If someone is influenced by one youtube vid and makes a bad decisicion they are probably an idiot and should not have bought themselves a gun in the first place.
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