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Originally Posted by dango View Post
Why do none of you see the real problem ?

The millitary , you ask these people to put their life on the line
and what in return ? Is it your sons or daughters ? We OWE
these people........!

We don't owe the Government , the very same people who can not decide what color to paint the BLUE ROOM !

The cold hard truth is, we really need a draft, and level the ****ing playing field. Everyone serves for some initial fixed duration of time. The mentally ill, the invalid, crooks - everyone above a certain age serves in a capacity where they make a meaningful contribution.

Then, we remove all of the carrot incentives to service, and redistribute those funds based on other needs in society.

It would never work, because there is too much entrenchment, and more important, we have made contracts with many service member who deserve to have their contracts honored.
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