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On fats: less saturated fat, and more olive oil. It still fills you up, and it is a lot better for the blood vessels. Anything high unsaturated, with a lot of monounsaturated fats are good. This even includes goose fat, (mostly available in Europe from what I understand), and some chicken fat.

On vegetables: loose leaf vegetables; limit starchy vegetables.

On meats: preferably the leaner the better in terms of muscle protein, but a little fatty meat once in a while isn't going to kill you; especially if you work in a cold weather environment. Just ask those who work in a really cold weather environment. The colder the weather that you work in the more calories that you burn.

On fruits: limit fruit intake.

On nuts: they are great for you, but still fattening. Use wisely.

On water: drink lots of it. Otherwise tea; lemon drinks without sweetener.

If you must have sweetener: stick to natural sweeteners, but limit your intake of those.

On diabetes: it is no joke. The fatter I got the more I was likely to get it. Unfortunately since it is in my blood line I probably would have developed it anyway. But, that is not always the case with everyone. Keep your blood sugar checked. I refer you to the American Diabetes Association for that one. Ever since I went insulin dependent I gained weight like crazy. I am now figuring out how to loose weight while being on insulin. However, using outside insulin to get my sugar down is a lot better than having my body torn up from high blood sugar.

I don't always eat junk, in fact it is seldom. But, I do have a weakness for chocolate, and love nuts. It is just that I have eaten too much of both items.

I keep beer down to no more than a few per week, and it is the weaker stuff now. Beer in limited amounts is actually good for the kidneys, and red wine is good for the body. Limited amounts of strong spirits like bourbon is OK as well.

Here recently I have eaten too many of grains, but grains can have a place in a healthy diet. It means for me that I have to limit how many grains I take in. If you want to do without grains altogether, but want some of the nutrient benefits of whole grains I recommend green food in either pill or powder form.

Also, I get in a lot of probiotics from dairy kefir. It doesn't have near the sugar of milk, because the kefir starter through lactic acid fermentation eats up the sugar. It is good for most people. Just don't add a bunch of sweet stuff to it, (like people do with yogurt), unless that is your dessert at meal time. If it becomes dessert you cannot have much of it. If you make your own, try to keep it at not much over 24 hour period. It will produce some alcohol, especially if you let it sit for a couple of days or so. The shorter processing time produces a product with much less alcohol, (although the longer sitting stuff usually isn't over 2 percent abv to my knowledge).

Other than the dietary stuff I usually go by, I now have to figure out a exercise regimen that will allow my insulin pump site to stay in the body. I will probably start with a little more walking.

Remember that you need to have the proper amount of rest, or it will also contribute to weight gain.
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