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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post

I never did like their attitude toward their members. I dumped them long ago.


No Real Action.

When other people do all the hard work and get results, the NRA is there just in time to take all the credit.

No thank you.
Do you happen to know why you no longer get bright orange tags on the outside of your luggage when you fly with a firearm? Did you ever wonder who lobbied for there to be a sunset in the Assault Weapon Ban instead of it being permanent from the get-go? Have you considered why there is no permanent 5 day waiting period on all firearm purchases and the instant check became the standard instead?

Yeah, other places (SAF) tend to initiate a lot of the lawsuits but for the lobbying, it's the NRA above and beyond anyone.

Oh yeah, a lot of people got and get down on the NRA for being a Johnny come lately to the McDonald case and some even think the NRA horned in and came close to blowing the case entirely after the SAF started it. One day really read the McDonald findings, all of them, and look at who brought up what arguments (2d amendment, 14th amendment, etc) and what the finding for the defendant actually hinged on. Just to put it out there for consideration, it was the NRA's argument that the majority ruled on, NOT any one else's.

So, yeah, they do stuff. The SAF is excellent for lawsuits and I'll give them money every day of the week but the NRA is the one actually lobbying in the congress as well as the state houses, where the SAF is not. Two organizations that do different things.
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