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Originally Posted by sputnik767 View Post
I am not going to go in circles with you. See my post #263 for my response to that question. Simple answer is because it means your kids are not immune for longer periods of time or they may not develop sufficient immunity if the schedule is not followed. You seem to ignore posts that you don't like. If you don't want to scroll up and read it, I'll summarize it here: the burden of proof is not on us to defend something that you made up. The burden of proof is on you to justify why you think the CDC schedule is wrong (if you don't agree with the schedule or don't follow then you think it's wrong. There can be no other interpretation). If you can't do it (and you haven't thus far), then you are simply refusing to admit that you just don't have a clue. Spouting feel-good BS about toxins isn't going to cut it. And since the schedule is backed up by peer reviewed research, you are not going to be able to argue against it, and the more you try, the more foolish you look.

Any smart person would not only space vaccines out, but pick and choose which ones to get. I've yet to hear a doc tell me this was a bad idea...matter of fact, my kid's pediatrician agrees that it' s great idea because of all the problems that can arise when children are given multiple vaccines in one injection.

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