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Originally Posted by .264 magnum View Post
Some of us live in the real world. Come on over sometime.
If that is what you call "the real world", then count me out. I don't live near any neighbors, I cut my grass when I want, and I put whatever I want in my yard. I'll be damned if you or anybody else is going to tell me what I can do and when I can do it so that your snooty little estate 'keeps it's value'.

If I were to live near people like you, I'd let my grass grow 3 ft high just to piss you off.

Originally Posted by .264 magnum View Post
And I have no interest in living near people who won't make a simple commitment to take care of their home.

You still have not given me or anyone else here a valid reason as to why you have a say so in what other people do with their homes or property. Unless they were stupid enough to sign a contract with an HOA that you belong to, you have no say so whatsoever. Just like your neighbors may choose to not mow their lawns, you also had the choice of not living near others.

People need to learn how to mind their own business instead of sticking their noses elsewhere. But, I've come to the conclusion that people who like HOA's are nosy ass people anyway, so it suits them perfectly. If you lose sleep at night over what your neighbor's yard or house looks like, I seriously pity you.

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