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OK, I'll play.

my thoughts on SHTF KNIVES? ( catch the plural in there?)

1) think about SHTF, or an emergency situation, decide what knives you would like to have, and make those your EDC. Right now. Don't ***** or whine about why you CAN'T do it...get it done.

2) Get specific, no BS training if you think you might need to use a knife as a weapon. And IMO, you should have some basic skills- go BEYOND the jailhouse attacks, however. You would not settle for gangbanger level handgun skills, would you? Train. learn. practice. Go see Jim Keating

3) learn to sharpen any knife, on anything. reliance on a factory made "system" is a weakness. MASTER use of a stone, be it diamond or a river rock, or a ceramic fence insulator.

4) practice making and using improvised knives and cutting tools. If this does NOTHING but teach you the value of ALWAYS having a knife on your person, its worth it.

5) Same as above with fire making skills. OK, not knife related, but very important nonetheless.

6) rethink your distaste for a large blade if you have one. Primitive cultures often gravitate to the large blade as a multiuse tool and weapon. They MASTER its use thoughout thier entire lives. and NOBODY calls them tenderfeet, or acuses them of posturing. Large blade use is an American tradition. Read Ferfals thoughts on this as well. You CAN carry- EDC- and conceal a large blade, daily. If i can, so can you. Especially true when you are sans firearms. As other gear gets more limited, or used up, the more useful a large knife is. When you have a backpack full of gear, shelter and food- its a little less crucial. Guess what i am betting on not having with me?

7) learn about knife construction so you can pick a good blade, both in advance, and after SHTF, when you are salvaging "all those guns' left behind. this will help when you decide that i am full of ****, but realize i had a point to all this after the ballon goes up.

8) learn to use an axe, machete, sythe, chainsaw, large and small knife. And sharpen and maintain these tools.

9) use a knife to butcher and prepare an animal for food.

10) wean yourself from folding knives. Go back to carrying a fixed blade(s) for EDC. Its not that hard. That hinge means its already broken. OK, folding knives are aceptable, but it seems some guys want to carry a tiny penknife, yet expect to baton 15" logs with it. We are in an era that seems to think a knife- a FOLDING knife- has to cost $200 to be any good. Could get MANY good fixed blades for that.

11) learn to break firewood, seek tinder, collect it when its dry, and dry wet wood over an existing fire. this will reduce the need to baton those 15" logs with the penknife.

12) don't be afraid of carbon steel. it does not bite. Learn to take care of it- again, not difficult.
13) Make your own knife. Use it.

This is delivered with a little sarcasm, but is still a little of what is in my head. Knives are basic tools, and there is no real reason to ever be without a knfe, and a way to start a fire.
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